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Increase customer satisfaction

Communicate With Your Current Customers

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Poor communication is causing unnecessary anxiety for your customers. Surveying shows that the most anxiety that customers feel is not before they sign your contract, or before they deliver that final check, but during the construction phase.

Why? Before they sign the contract, sales people are excellent at communicating (after all, that’s what they are paid to do). After their new home or home renovation is complete, they get to live with it and experience the life change.

What’s missing? Typically, after customers have committed to a huge financial and life decision, communication becomes almost absent. Make it easier for your employees doing the work to document their accomplishments for customers by putting Status Recap in their hands, available for iOS and Android devices, and on the web.

Project Communication with every customer

Efficiently Communicate With Every Stakeholder

You may think you only have one customer for your project, but there’s likely many more. Whether it’s a parent helping with the down payment, a spouse that feels like you are only keeping their other half informed, or the friend who’s helping make decisions, every project has multiple interested parties.

Communicating with one may leave the other(s) in the dark, feeling anxious, or uninformed. Even if the stakeholder you are communicating with feels great about your work, all it takes is one unhappy customer to hurt your reputation. However, sending emails, or making phone calls to multiple customer contacts (all likely conveying different information) takes more time your employees likely don’t have. Status Recap makes it easy for you to add customers to your project, and for customers to add anyone they want to their project, with control over what each customer can see.

Shockingly, according to research, only 15% of your current customers feel engaged, but of those 15%, a shocking 98% have provided a referral in the past 12 months! Which leads us to…

Share customer updates to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more

Capture The Referral Marketing Opportunity

Your customers, especially anyone under the age of 40 (including Millenials, who are the largest living adult demographic), wants to share what is going on in their life. If you’re doing amazing work, you’re missing a golden referral opportunity. That’s why our iOS, Android, and web apps all support powerful sharing features that allow your customer to share your latest updates or photos via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, email, or text message.

When your customers are happy about the job you are doing, you want them talking about it for the week, month, or year you are doing excellent work for them. Keep your customers informed and watch as the share your fabulous work with the world.

Customers can share your company work with their friends

The Handheld Referral Opportunity

For Those Customers That Are More Into Face-To-Face Sharing

You’re missing the handheld referral opportunity. What is the handheld referral opportunity? It’s what happens every time someone pulls out their phone to show off some thing or some experience. Whether it’s right now to brag about your awesome work, or down the road when their friend or colleague is contemplating a new home or renovation, you want your happy customer to pull out their phone and say, “take a look at this!” Status Recap provides your customer with that opportunity.

Share your project updates via text message, MMS, or SMS

Create An Owner Of Your Spec Project Before It’s Even Done… Or Make Every Project A Marketing Opportunity

You're building something fabulous. Your next customer could be driving by right now, intrigued with your work. Status Recap allows you to generate a “Project Share Code” for any of your open projects. Once your generate a share code for your project, you can share a link to follow your project via social media or email with one of the sharing options from the share code pop up, by copying and sending the link, or by telling interested parties they can follow your project by texting that code to our platform.

Anyone who follows a project will receive “Customer Update” content for your project, by text message (including any photos), or in app or on the website. They can reply to your latest updates, and you can respond back to them from our platform to their mobile device instantly connecting with a potential customer.

Facebook allows your competitors to target ads to your fans

Most importantly, unlike other social platforms, we never use your customer information to allow other companies to market to your customers. The next time you tell a customer or potential customer to follow you on another social media site, just remember, your competitors can target ads at “followers” of your company.

Efficiently Track Customer Communication

Your current customer communication is probably a mish-mash of various solutions: phone calls, emails, text messages, and maybe even paper. You may have a CRM solution that was well used by your sales team, but likely has only some or none of the customer communication once a project is actually underway. Status Recap allows you to consolidate all of your customer, team, and subcontractor communication in one location, so everyone from upper management, to field management, to the rest of your team can efficiently review the latest project status.

Efficiently track all your customer communication

Deliver and Track Change Orders and Invoices

You’re probably either not documenting your customer approvals and change orders well (searching through emails qualifies as “not well”), or your process is unnecessarily burdensome to your customers (“You want me to sign this and fax it back? Who has a fax machine?”). Make your approvals a matter of tapping a check box, and have a complete record available to them and you.

Connect With Your Subcontractors

Status Recap includes powerful features to allow you to add subcontactors to your project, with company by company control for each project of what type of content each subcontractor can create and view. Subcontractors can create updates for you, or for your customers, while you always retain the ability review and approve those subcontractor updates before your project customers can see them. Now you can know about, and see the work your subs have completed without having to send your project manager to each and every job site.

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