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Custom Text Enabled Phone Numbers For Your Business

Text enabled phone number

It’s easy to understand why any organization would want to tap into text (SMS) messaging

In a time where we’re texting more than ever, it is vital that consumers have that ability with your business also.

Engagement with text messaging is absolutely incredible, with 98% of messages being read by their recipients, 90% of those within 3 seconds. That’s why Status Recap has offered powerful text messaging features for multiple years, including the ability for customers, constituents, and interested parties to follow and communicate about their projects via text and multimedia (MMS) messaging.

Making The Status Recap Platform Even More Powerful

In the summer of 2020, we’ve made our platform even more powerful, with the ability for your company to get its own text enabled phone number (we may also be able to text enable your existing phone number, you can contact us if you are interested). With your own text enabled phone number, anyone can follow your company simply by texting “follow” to your company’s custom phone number. They can also continue to follow any of your projects by texting your &;ldquoProject Follow Code.”

Customers and potential customers can use your custom phone number to message your company at any time. A study shows ) that over half of consumers would prefer texting over a phone call for reaching customer support. We all lead busy lives, and according to many statistics, our attention spans are becoming shorter than ever – so why not make it easier for your busy customers or leads to reach you via SMS?

You can respond to customers and potential customers directly from our iOS, Android, or web app and keep them happy and engaged in real time.

Forward voice calls and send text messages automatically

Powerful Voice Phone Call Features

You can also choose to forward voice phone calls to your text enabled phone number to any phone number you choose. With this feature enabled, you can also choose to invite any caller to your company to follow your company with an automatic text message at the conclusion of their phone call.

Move To Status Recap Today!

Here are a few of the reasons to move away from asking people to “Follow” you on the big social media platforms, and have them follow you with Status Recap instead:

Facebook allows your competitors to target ads to your followers
  • Your competitors can directly target your customers and potential customers by constructing an advertising audience with followers of your company.
  • There is no guarantee that your followers on the big social networks will ever see your updates. In fact, many times you will be asked to pay to reach your followers. Even then, engagement with your updates tends to be low. In comparison, 29 percent of SMS marketing recipients click on links in SMS messages they receive, and 32 percent of recipients respond to SMS offers.
  • If you’re looking for customer insights, an incredible 31 percent of consumers respond to survey invitations when delivered by text message.
  • The easiest marketing opportunity you have is to use your existing presence to give customers a quick and easy way to engage with your company. Almost everyone who comes across your company, whether it’s a job site sign, office signage, your web site or your printed materials has a phone in their hand. With Status Recap, connecting with your company is now as simple as sending a text message.

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